Perfect freedom

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.” – Noam Chomsky
I wanted to change tracks a bit, if only for this post. I want to talk a bit about secular freedoms, and compare them with the freedom found in Heaven. God’s government is based on freedom. Though He is the head of a theocratic government, His subjects enjoy total freedom of choice. We see this concept manifested in the way God dealt with Lucifer’s rebellion. God could have easily destroyed Satan and sin at the very first sign of trouble. Instead, God allowed sin and rebellion to flourish, even within the ranks of heaven, until the situation had to be addressed.
God allowed Satan to choose his course. God allowed the angels siding with Satan to choose their course as well. God doesn’t want coerced worship. He desires that we worship Him out of love, after choosing for ourselves our own course. This is why Satan was allowed to exist after the rebellion. God made the rules, and had to abide by them just as His subjects have to abide by them. “Thou shalt not kill” takes a whole new meaning in this context. Imagine now an Earthly theocracy and how these governments have dealt with dissent. Certainly, there was no freedom of choice for the subjects, and justice only applied to those in high positions.
Some of you reading these words live in “free” countries, where speech and opinion are not regulated, at least not officially. We are told that we may believe what we wish, worship how we wish, think and speak as we wish. However, the spectrum within which these freedoms are possible is getting narrower as each day passes. These days, sharing the Word of God, or inviting someone to accept Jesus as their savior is considered hate speech, on the same level with racism and incitement to violence. We have arrived at a point in history when speech is considered violent and violence is considered speech.
This is all according to God’s will, as humans don’t have the wisdom necessary to administer a government in which there is complete and total freedom. We humans love to burden ourselves with laws governing each and every little thing we may conceive worthy of regulation. Through this, God is trying to show us that the only perfect freedom can be found in God’s Law and His government. This is the perfect freedom that allows a dissident such as Satan to exist, for a time, because this perfect freedom protects any kind of speech, even the hateful kind.
How far we are from God’s Law is represented by how little freedom we are allowed to exercise by our respective governments and law enforcement agencies. Had the angels of heaven all sided with Satan, this is the kind of government that would exist in the loftiest courts as well. Thank God that good prevailed in those days. Thank God for providing us with His perfect Law, that we may judge for ourselves what we can expect after we enter the Promised Land. I for one am looking forward to eternal life in a place where there is complete freedom, but where sin and temptation are no more. Let’s pray that our Lord will return soon to take us home.

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